Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tesla Model S convertible

Via Turns out there’s huge demand for a convertible Tesla Model S. Too bad Tesla Motors doesn’t offer one.

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In steps Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE).

NCE is widely known for its convertible conversions. It offers this type of conversion on countless high-end automobiles, including the Tesla Model S.

According to NCE, it received an order from one investor in China for 100 Tesla Model S convertibles. That’s from one investor.

NCE anticipates demand for the convertible Model S being so high that it claims to have contacted Tesla Motors in an effort to secure an order for 5,000 units

“Newport Convertible Engineering has officially requested Tesla Motors in a joint effort to build another 5,000 Tesla Model S convertible for a worldwide demand. Announcement will be made in April 18 2014.”

NCE says that it’ll begin work on the 100 Tesla Model S convertibles this July. Those vehicles will all be shipped to China. The conversion will take place at 3 NCE sites, including California, Dubai and Barcelona.

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As for price, NCE says it offer two versions of a convertible Tesla Model S:
Ragtop conversion priced at $29,000
Hard tonneau cover conversion priced at $49,000

Plus the cost of the donor Tesla Model S.

So far, there have been no completed conversions, so the only image of the convertible Tesla Model S is the photo-shopped image found atop this article.

Source: Car Scoops, NCE