Sunday, 13 May 2012

Renault Zoe to open up EV market

I have been saying this since the Zoe concept was first shown: I believe it is the model that will take electric cars in to the mainstream. When Renault announced a price of £13,650 for the UK after incentives (plus battery lease), I felt more confident. Now I have just read that next year the production capacity of the Zoe will be 150,000 units. Wow.

To put that into perspective, Nissan will have a 2013 capacity of 25,000 for the Leaf. OK, so they come from the same automotive group, but that is pretty independent thinking. 150,000 is nearly four times the global sales of electric vehicles last year and almost certainly more than this year's total global sales.

Now, we need to put in place the parking and charging infrastructure,  but that's another matter altogether!