Friday, 31 August 2012

UK's Charge Your Car network to double in size

Charge your Car, the UK's first national Pay As You Go network (and a business I am involved in), is expanding rapidly to connect UK regional and local recharging networks together.

Transport Scotland is connecting its 500 existing charge points plus a further 250 charge points by March 2013, more than doubling the size of the Charge Your Car network.

The target is 10,000 public access charge points, all operating on a Pay as You Go basis and all accessible via free smartphone app that from April 2013 will enable EV drivers throughout the UK to locate, route map, instigate a charge and pay for their energy.

Charge Your Car is the second national recharging network in the UK. The other is Polar, a subscription based network of a similar size owned and operated by Chargemaster, one of the UK's leading EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) vendors. Charge Your Car does not own the infrastructure however. It provides a central charge point management system (CPMS) to which charge point owners and network operators can connect their charge points, promoting them as part of  a single national network to EV drivers, providing access, enabling them to charge for usage, and collect revenue. Charge your Car then returns revenues on a monthly or quarterly basis to charge point owners.  For charge point owners it is extremely cost effective, whilst for EV drivers it offers convenience, affordability and the ability to roam across the UK.